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The M.A.V School of Swimming was founded by M.A.V Brothers Mr.Mu. Aravindhan B.Sc., DCT and Mr. M. Arulvendan B.E., at Sembakkam, Chennai-73 in the year of 2001. The history goes like this. In the year 1983, both the brothers jointly started doing Real Estate with the help of their beloved father late Shri S. Murugesan. Then, in the year of 1991, the brothers entered into construction activity. While the eldest brother Mr. Mu. Aravindhan, a diploma holder in construction technology concentrated on Real Estate, the younger brother Mr. M. Arulvendan, being a Civil Engineer, took care of the construction work. In the initial years the brothers primarily focused on residential projects. Within a short span of time, the M.A.V brothers became one of the most respected and reputed developers/builders in Chennai. Thereafter, they started engaging in the development of duplex houses, luxury villas, commercial and institutional properties as well.

In the year 2001, the brothers started the “M.A.V School of Swimming” in the land inherited from their parents, while they continued with the real estate and construction business.

The Sporting Complex became a big hit in the neighbourhood due to its good infrastructure and prime location – a beautiful place / campus to rediscover oneself coupled with a great ambience for learning and an impressive faculty / coaching.

As the school grew, the need to extend its faculties arose and thus emerged the M.A.V School of Roller Skating and M.A.V School of Yoga in the year 2005. With the addition of these disciplines, the Complex became a landmark of its own in the pursuit of excellence in the field of these sporting activities. Gradually, the M.A.V Annual Day Celebrations in the form of Swimming Competition, Roller Skating and Yoga Competition became the talk of the town since these competitions were conducted in a professional manner.

To satisfy the growing demands of the people, the M.A.V Fitness Centre was opened in the year 2016 as an add-on facility, which has also become a huge success. With its steady and straight growth, the M.A.V. School of Swimming now occupies a pre-eminent position in this part of Chennai and the following institutions / organizations are under them:

  • M.A.V. Real Estate
  • M.A.V. Constructions
  • M.A.V. Swimming School
  • M.A.V. Roller Skating
  • M.A.V. School of Yoga
  • M.A.V. Fitness Centre